What’s New?

The God Machine Volume 1 re:VISION was funded through Kickstarter 2021, and will be coming out early Spring of 2022. This edition is a new experience, a definitive version of the book with new content throughout!

Not only will this be a tasty treat to original fans of the original book, but a perfect entry point to new readers! 

It has a bold new logo for a new era, created by Phil Balsman (Eisner and Harvey Award winner for logo and book design for Attack on Titan, Akira 35th Anniversary, Magic Knight Rayearth, All-Star Superman, Witch Hat Atelier).

Also introducing new lettering by prolific comic book letterer Taylor Esposito (DC Comics, Marvel, Vertigo, Vault, IDW and more!) to bring new life to the pages. 

The biggest change to the book is all-new text and refined dialogue throughout. The entire volume has a new level of polish to it. There’s stronger characterization, removal of some poorly aged content, and more overall clarity in the writing.

Scenes have been extended, new pages have been drawn, and new characters debut. A new prologue sets the tone for the series. This truly is a re:Vision. In addition to all this, there’s a new forward, and a new intro from Chandra Free, herself!

The breakdown of what’s in the book:

  • New covers front & back
  • New logo by Phil Balsman 
  • re:Lettered by Taylor Esposito  
  • New foreword by mystery person extraordinaire!
  • re:Vised text – questionable content gone, stronger story & characterizations!
  • re:Vised art assets
  • Extended scenes 
  • New comic pages 
  • New prologue 
  • Art galore 
  • Author’s intro
  • Originally 160 pages, now 180!
  • What’s not included from the original graphic novel? Character bios and pin-ups from guests.
  • Returning, however, is the original foreword by Venture Brothers’ own Doc Hammer.